What is ketosis?

Ketosis is a state that develops as a result of carbohydrate fasting of cells, when an organism begins to decompose fat into a large number of ketone bodies to generate energy (Wikipedia). I intentionally used this definition because it is the best way to describe this state! I like the word “fasting” because the body consumes your fat and converts it into ketones to produce energy when you are fasting. Unfortunately, many people believe that eating greasy foods is enough to lose weight. They may eat even three-four times a day! The body will certainly enter ketosis and will produce them from fats. It will be adapt to the method of generating energy, but will it consume your fat reserves in this case? I doubt. There is no reason for body to burn its own fats when you supply it three or four times a day (even with snacks) with greasy food. Many people do not think about this. Therefore, I want to emphasize that you will not slenderize properly on keto diet if you do not make any attempt of fasting, and continue eating fat food contradicting all the canons of HN. The body does not need to waste your fat if it comes from outside in large quantities! Is keto food as dangerous as they write about it? In Russia, doctors are still cautious about keto nutrition, because there are no studies of people who have followed this system for more than two years, but there are actually quite a lot of them and research is bound to come. In the West, keto is considered to be a diet of curative diseases, shown in obesity, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance (reduced sensitivity of cells to insulin), autoimmune diseases and other serious problems, but you need a doctor to correct them. Well, if the diet is medicinal, does it have to be temporary? That’s right. I believe that it is impossible to be constantly on a pure keto diet (in which the proportion of carbohydrates in food does not exceed 5%) and on some other types of diets, for example, the carnivor system. This concept is specifically concerned to women.

Irina Nikashina

Hi! My name is Irina Nikashina, I am a nutritionist, dietitian, anti-age manager.